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Big Green Egg Burger Bite Sized Eats Cleaning Big Green Eggs Cast Iron Cream Sauce Delicious Stuffing Drunk Pig Roast Newegglandfest Egghead Choice Award - 2nd Place Newegglandfest Trophy Newegglandfest Griddle Off Sandwich Close Up Newegglandfest Griddle Off Winners Half Eaten Line of Big Green Eggs Linkie Marais Demo Eating Food Richard Cleaning Eggs Lots of Laughter at Newegglandfest Little Girl Getting Fed Bob in Suspenders Collaborating Chefs Whole Pig on the Big Green Egg Wide Shot of Newegglandfest
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NewEGGland Fest is an annual family friendly celebration held to showcase our favorite grill, the Big Green Egg. Join us as we spend an entire day cooking and eating some of the best food you've ever tasted or ever will taste. You've never used a Big Green Egg? We welcome everyone from the inexperienced novice to the well-seasoned EGGhead. Prepare yourself to join the ranks of EGGheads from all over for a fun filled day of food, laughs, and eggs.